Mar 242011

Lace-up those Nike’s – the Madness has resumed!

But it’s not just NCAA that’s ripe for the taking, oh no, the NBA has also given us a multitude of scenarios to pick over.

What’s Good?

Jimmer Fredette aka WHITE VADER not a reasonable NBA starter? Get the f out of here!

Everyone is trying to bring down the force that is Jimmer Fredette but I’ve got news for you, he’s in control of his own destiny, not you naysayers.

I came across an article earlier today at lunch (of course now I can’t find it) where some league executives & scouts for the NBA were actually making cases against Jimmer’s NBA potential. For the most part, they relegated him to a bench or role player, someone who will never be more than a situational scoring guard when his team needs it.

They went on embellishing that should BYU knock off Florida tonight, his stock will rise exponentially into a higher lottery pick, but if he doesn’t, watch his value drop like Dez Bryant’s jeans.

If I was English I’d call it poppycock, ballyhoo or rubbish, but I’m American so I call it bullshit haterade.

Vesting the likes of Gonzaga & Wofford in the first round & trampling all over conference rivals & higher seeded San Diego State twice doesn’t do enough for you?

How about his 28.8 PPG/45% FG/40% 3PG from this year?

Maybe that he’s dropped 30+ points in 15 games this season, with 4 straight games like that to end the season into the tournament?

Face facts, the kid knows when to turn it on & how to vanquish his enemies.

The question isn’t WHAT he’s going to do in the NBA, but WHO he’s going to do it to.

Jimmer for President.

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