The Thunder Cat

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Mar 262010

Kevin Durant is the star. Jeff Green is the young vet. Thabo is the pesky defender. James Harden is the rookie. Russell Westbrook is the Thunder Cat. That is right, Westbrook is the sophomore  guard who has helped steer the Oklahoma City Thunder to a playoff spot. Yes we all know KD gets a lot of credit for turning this franchise around. You can say without him and his 29.7 points per game the Thunder would be on the outside of the playoff picture. Yet Westbrook is the man who has brought the “A Game” to become KD’s trusted sidekick. Westbrook is averaging 16.2 points, 7.9 assist, and 6.1 boards. In the entire league history only 5 rookies 21 and younger have averaged 15-5-4 in a season. The other players are Magic, AI, LeBron, CP3, and Westbrook. Can you say great company? Westbrook has put himself into this elite group in his first season. What do you think about Westbrook’s season? Do you think he is still in KD’s shadow? Post your thoughts…


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  1. Interesting year by Westbrook. He has really made the Thunder legit team. I am looking forward to seeing him progress in the NBA. He should win ROY award because his team is in playoff contention.

  2. Matt He is in his Second year!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oops my bad

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