Feb 202010

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone.  And the question I have is who will be the ruler of the Eastern Conference.  2 major players made deals by the deadline in the Cavs getting Antawn Jamison and the Celtics getting Nate Robinson, the Magic and the Atlanta Hawks stayed still and decided to go with what they had.  So who is the ruler of the east now?  After Antawn’s first game with the Cavs, and 0-12 shooting and a loss to the Bobcats should the Cav fans be worried?  I think you shoud and for 2 reasons.  First,  Lebron James will never give up shot attempts to anyone, lets make that clear.  Jamison will require some shots and I’m really not sure  that both of them can play together at the end of the day.  Dont forget that the Cavs have Mo Williams returning to the lineup.  I just feel that the Cavs dont have the leadership needed to guide them the rest of the year.  So here is my prediction for the Eastern Conference.  The Cleveland Cavaliers will not make it to the finals this year.  It will come down to the Celtics and the Hawks.  Thats right, the Atlanta Hawks a the team to be afraid of in the eastern division.  But when the smoke clears and everything is said and done, it will be the Celtics that emerge from the Eastern conference and playing for the NBA championship.  They have been hurt all season and playing with injuries and the trade for Nate Robinson will actually be a big factor in the rest of the season.  Mark my words people the Celtics will be major players in the east this year and Nate could be dunking them to the NBA championship.


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  1. Atlanta and Cleveland by far!! The Celtics are a Walking Hospital!!! Even Nate came to Boston and Got Sick!!!

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