Feb 102010

Mid-Season MVP???? The Chefs want to know….Is it Kobe with his Super Stardom or Kevin the Young phenom! KD is causing match up problems around the league! Kobe is known for hitting big shots and a 25 point performance night in and night out! Kevin is now doing the same thing Kobe has been known for doing!!!


Ty Powell aka TP Tymeless is currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. Tymeless is another die hard fan but of the Lions, Thunder, Twins, Hoyas, and The U. Ty grew up in Stamford and went to college in Rhode Island. He is a founding member of the Sport City Chefs network and can be heard on 8 regular shows. OWWWWWW!

  3 Responses to “The K’s In LIFE!!! (Kevin Or Kobe)”

  1. Kobe end the debate! The real debate is Kobe or Lebron! KD is a stud but let the Thunder stacks wins to prove he is a MVP in the league!

  2. Right now its Kobe, but give KD sometime and he will be up there, but right now I have to agree with Mose on this one. Kobe or Lebron. Dammit get some more wins Thunder.

  3. Stop with the easy talk!! U guys are stuck in LA And LA is not a Great city I seen it myself!! now the way Durant got OKC jumpin!! he must be Beyonce cause my club is full of ballaz and they pockets full grown!!

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