The Knicks Pull It Off!!

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Feb 182010

The knicks have pulled off in my mind the biggest story of the trade deadline.  Earlier in the day Tracy Mcgrady was traded to the Sacramento Kings and it looked as if all hope was lost for T-Mac to come to the knicks.  But Donnie Walsh was able to work his magic and get the deal done to bring T-Mac to the knicks.  This in turn sheds $9M off the books for next offseason enabling the knicks to now get 2 coveted max contract players.  In your mind was this the biggest story at the NBA trade deadline? And do you think T-Mac can contribute to the Knicks for the rest of this season? Perhaps past this season??


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  1. I like that the Knicks were able to get the player (Tmac) they wanted. It also puts them in position for 2010 free agency. But the biggest trade came from the Cavs. They land Jamison to go with Lebron and helps improve them THIS YEAR. That is the goal of keeping Lebron in Cleveland. If James feels he has a great supporting cast he will resign. Although the Knicks did end up shedding a lot of payroll to chase free agents. I don’t see Bosh and Wade going to NY together. So NY will have to settle for Tier 2 type players. I understand the thinking but NYC and Knicks fans will end up disappointed. They wont end up catching the big fish aka King James.

  2. The Knicks have done what they have wanted to the last 2 years. They sacrificed they last 2 seasons to get ready for this next offseason. The Knicks now will have about 30 mil to spend in free agency. That can get them James and D-Wade, but I dont see those 2 co-existing. But I can see a James and Bosh or D-Wade and Bosh combo coming to the Knicks. The only downside of this whole thing is if nobody decides they want to play for the Knicks and that would be disastrous to the Knick organization. I would actually shed a tear for all Knicks fans if they cant get Lebron or D-Wade this offseason, because I know the only thing the fans have looked forward too the past 2 years and more is this coming offseason.

  3. I just want to see MAC Bounce BACK!!! and when he does it will be a good story and I want to laugh at u two!!!!

  4. Donnie Walsh deserves a raise big time! He came in and said the Knicks will be competitive and they will be under the cap by 2010. To shave off more than 70 Million in contracts to get under the cap for the first time since 1996 is outstanding. T-Mac will fill the seats and give fans something to look forwards to. Sergio is a nice player that fits D’Antoni’s system. I think he maybe the steal in this deal and gives the Knicks a PG. Well done, countdown to July 1st is on!

  5. We will see how sweet the deal was tonight!!! GO THUNDER!!!

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