Take That Shaq!

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Feb 212010

Shaquille O’neal took exception to the media referring to Dwight Howard as “Superman”…a nickname that O’neal has held for years.   But is Howard very far away from attaining the level that Shaq was once at in his prime?  In a much anticipated matchup this weekend Dwight Howard led the Orlando Magic to a big win over Lebron, Shaq and the newly acquired Antawn Jamison.  Howard went for 22 pts, 16 rebounds and 4 blocks.  Obviously its way too early to draw any conclusions, but is it possible that Jamison has changed the flow of this team?  They went into the all star break on a 13 game win streak and have now lost 2 in a row since acquiring Jamison.  Which of these 2 teams are the class of the East? It would be a heck of a matchup to see these teams fight it out in a best of 7 game series to decide the Eastern Conference champion


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  1. Cavs can still win the EAST though!!!

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