Running of the Bulls

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May 132010

Game 6 is upon us. If the Celtics win.. will this be LeBron’s last game as a Cavalier? Will he bolt for Chicago or New York? So many questions revolve around one playoff game. Sure New York has Spike Lee, Jay Z, Derek Jeter and Co. and Scores NY to help push the button of coming to the Garden. What the Knicks do not have is a playoff core already intact. The Bulls will return with all 5 starters from the team that LeBron knocked off. The have an all star guard already in DRose and promising players with Noah, Deng, Gibson, and Hinrich. He already has decided to leave #23 after this season. The question will be does LeBron have it in him to jump ship on Cleveland? This isn’t Akron we are talking about. He will always love the city of Akron for allowing him to become THE KING. Is it time for James to move on if the Celtics win game 6 or 7? What path does the legend of LeBron James take? After tonight we could have some more clues. It is too bad July 1 (free agency period) doesn’t start next week. Good luck Cleveland …


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  1. i think Lebron will end up playing for the Bulls.

  2. As a Bulls fan I hope so.. but it will take a lot of soul searching for LeBron to leave Cleveland.. or not

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