Oops They Did It Again!!

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Feb 102010

Well it happened again…In a  theme thats become all too familiar for New York Knicks fans, the Knicks blew yet another 4th quarter double digit lead.  The Knicks held a 100-85 lead and ended regulation on the wrong end of a 20-5 scoring run to send the game to OT.   And yet again it is blatently obvious that the Knicks do not have a point guard that they can rely on.  Chris Duhon and Nate Robinson both made critical errors down the stretch sending the game to overtime, where they proceeded to get outplayed.  Aside from the point guard issues, assuming the Knicks do not get Lebron James this offseason, who do you think they can get that will help them be a winning team again? And who would you keep on the Knicks current roster to go along with any new acquisitions?


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  1. I dont see how Lebron would be interested in coming to the Knicks. I understand the draw of MSG and NYC just not the Knicks. So I think the Knicks should focus on tier 2 players to bring in. Joe Johnson, Amare, Carlos Boozer, or Rudy Gay would all be a solid step forward. If they can just land one of these players and go after a bunch of core players like a Kyle Kover, Rafer Alston, Mike Miller, or Richard Jefferson type they could build a winning group. The only players I see as have future’s in NY are David Lee, Gallinari, and Chandler. The rest can be traded or will be let go in free agency……

  2. I think the Knicks are just waiting to get through this year and have been focused on next year for the last 2 seasons. They have been strategically putting themselves in a position to make a run at Lebron and another top free agent. I can see Lebron going to the Knicks because of the market and playing in New York. I see the Knicks going hard for Lebron and if they don’t get him, then Wade and Amare or Boozer. You put Wade or Lebron with Boozer or Amare and along with Lee, that is a pretty good core of players to build around. So Knick fans, don’t throw your remote at the TV just yet, remember baseball season is about here and you can focus on that, and as a Cub fan, you can borrow our motto temporarily, “Wait till next year”. Its going to be a lot better, trust me, I’m a Chef.

  3. This team is just not good, they have some nice players but we are bad as a whole. We don’t bring the defense every night, we just can’t close out games. We either get off to a bad start or end the game poorly. I think LeBron is the answer, but who will come with him. Mose is right, I love Joe Johnson and would love to see him as a Knick. But I think we need James and a big man, Amare or Bosh. We could possibly pull off a trade for Amare now and have more bait for King James. But if we get both of them, D. Lee is not come back. We can afford him, he’s commanding a lager contract every game.

  4. Assuming Lebron is not coming to New York, the Knicks still have other options. Bringing the second tier free agents as mentioned by others is an option (I dont think Wade is a realistic option). I think Lee needs to stay a Knick for many reasons, but Bosh could be bought in to play next to him which would give the Knicks one of the best front courts in the league. Also, Joe Johnson is a realistic option and probably would help the Knicks more than Bosh would. Amare is on the downside of his career if you ask me, the Knicks should stay away from this underachiever (also the frequent injuries aren’t all that enticing either). Gallo and Chandler should definitely remain a part of the Knicks future. Also at this point, as much as I’m not a fan of his the Knicks should keep Jordan Hill. The guy hasnt really gotten any consistent pt, its not worth the risk that the Knicks trade him and he blows up elsewhere (unless the Knicks get a really good talent back for him). Al Harington, and Larry Hughes must go for the Knicks to be better. If the Knicks can find a solid replacement for Duhon, thats a priority as well.

    Most want the Knicks to turn it all around with Lebron and some others big player, much like the Celtics did when they acquired Ray Allen and KG to play alongside Paul Perice. However, its more realistic that the Knicks pick up one big name free agent this offseason, clear out some more salary while becoming a playoff team (Curry and Jeffries expire at the end of the 2010 – 2011 season). This would make the Knicks alot more attractive to the 2011 free agents such as Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker.

    If Lebron doesnt come to NY, you change your 1 year plan into a two year plan. A core of Joe Johnson, David Lee, Carmelo Anthony, Chandler and Gallo sounds like the makings of a contender to me.

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