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The fantasy foursome is something we golfers can go on and on about.  And we do, because the question comes up a lot and there are endless variations on the theme.

In post-round conversation at the 19th hole it’s a common query, and just about every golf publication will present it periodically, usually in the context of an event,  like the Masters… or a particular course, like St. Andrews or Pebble Beach.   Provisos will often be put into place so as to mix it up a bit… and I’ve got to admit, I like it when “no friends or family” is one of them because… like… I don’t even know your father, or your best man,  so how can I decide if it’s a good foursome.

Last April as the world golf world was heading to the Masters, I was asked which three golfers would be in my dream foursome if we were playing Augusta National.  They could be from any era. The only proviso was that each had to be a Masters Winner.  Admittedly the scenario presented was as implaussible as the wildest fairytale,  but I didn’t hesitate.  I chose Seve Ballesteros, the most charismatic and creative golfer ever,  Jimmy Demaret, the mid-century hall-of-famer known for his colorful humor, and Tiger Woods. No explanation necessary, or so I thought.  In the end, of course everyone chose their own particular favorites and no two foursome were alike.  That’s the way Dream Foursomes are.  Very personal.

So, with NBA Free Agent Frenzy in full swing… crashing ESPN servers and dominating sports news…  how could the thought of a Free Agent foursome not come to mind? When it did, I diligently began researching certain players’ golf skills.   Turns out it’s a no-brainer:  I’ll take Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh please.

And I don’t think I’m the only one with that particular fantasy.

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  1. I would agree everyone right now wants these guys.. weather playing golf, having a drink, or playing on their team!

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