Is NYC the King’s destiny?

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Feb 162010

Lebron James sits on top of the NBA world. He is the leading scorer , MVP candidate, and is on a 13 game winning streak with the best team in the NBA. The City of New York has circled the 2010 free agency as the year Lebron comes to NYC. With the trade deadline coming this week the Cavs can establish a stronger core to surround Lebron with. If they are able to add a few more pieces to the puzzle Lebron may end up re-signing with the Cavs after the season. Do you think Lebron will remain in Cleveland or jump ship and head off to a larger market such as New York or Chicago? What is this King’s destiny? Share your two cents…….


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  1. the Cavs will not let Lebron go and will match NY. The Bulls will get Bosh. You heard it here first.

  2. I agree the Lebron will stay in Cleveland. The can offer more than New York anyways due to the “Larry Bird Rule”. I think Bosh will end up staying in Toronto. The Bulls will land either Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay.

  3. I dont see Lebron coming to NY. I would love to see it obviously, but I just dont think hes gonna bail on Cleveland. I think the only chance would be is if Cleveland goes out of the playoffs in the 2nd round or earlier. If they win the championship I think he’ll want to stay there and try to establish a dynasty. I think Knicks will get Joe Johnson

  4. Nah!! No Way!!!

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