How low can you go??

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Feb 282010

File this one under “shocker”.  The New Jersey Nets go in to Boston and beat the slumping Celtics on their home floor.  After the game Kevin Garnett said he was flat out disgusted, and for good reason.  The Nets began the day 5-52 a win percentage of .088. The Celtics % was .643. That’s a difference of .555. Over the past 15 seasons, this was only the fifth time that a team beat an opponent that had a win percentage at least .550 better than its own at least 50 games into a season.  Can the Celtics rebound from this horrible loss and get back on track? Or are they slowing down and headed toward an early exit in the playoffs?  Lets hear some thoughts!


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  1. Ouch C Fans that just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth!! Cowboy Chris is silent on this subject

  2. That’s a tough one to swallow losing to the Nets. Although I can’t say anything because the Knicks are god awful as well

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