Greatest Dunk Contest Ever

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Feb 162010

The 2010 Dunk Contest was ….WEAK!  I started to go back into time and recount how classic this contest was in the past. We have had winners such as Jordan, Wilkins, Dr. J, Carter, Kobe, and Howard. We also were witnesses to high flying attacks from lesser know players such as Dee Brown, Cedric Ceballos, Kenny “Sky” Walker, and Josh Smith. We are now watching an era where a player can win 3 contest. No disrespect to Nate Robinson, he has provided his fair share of fireworks but yet the contest has lost its glare. Time to go back in the time machine and pick out your favorite contest of all time… What year was special to you? 1985 for me personally feature 4 contest winners (MJ, Neek, Dr J, Nance). Being a MJ fan its hard to pick the contest he didn’t win but if you watch the video you will see them putting on better dunks in warm ups than the 2010 contest did! Check it out and post your thoughts …………. 1985 Contest Part 1 and 1985 Contest Part 2


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  1. I’d say the 1988 contest where the finals was Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins was my favorite of all time. Back then it actually meant something to these guys to win the contest. And they WANTED to be in it. now you cant even get a top rated guy to be in it. Not sure whether they’re afraid to get injured? or afraid to lose out of being embarrased? What does everyone think?

  2. I was torn between the 2 contest. I still have the 1988 contest on VHS I was 6 years old and recorded it. Why ? BC of MJ and now its a classic VHS tape!! The contest being in Chicago was special to me and I went with the 1985 contest because it was filled with great players. The 2 man show of MJ and Neek was crazy. The only other contest in my mind that can stand up with 85 and 88 is Vinsanity in 2000. We also tend to forget that in 98 and 99 the contest didn’t happen. Maybe 2011 will take a year off? Or find some high flying youngsters like Rose and Westbrook. Or maybe the King will finally show us his stuff!!

  3. Yea I really think they should take a year off next year unless they can figure out some way to make it more exciting. I honestly feel like I lost an hour of my life sitting there watching gerald wallace and shannon brown do dunks that I could do if I was their height. People want to see creativity and pure athleticism like MJ and Dominique used to show. Someone in the NBA offices need to figure something out for next year or like you said maybe take a year off

  4. Nique and Jordan HANDS DOWN!!!

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