Good for the game?

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May 042010

On monday night David Stern once again reiterated that he would like to see Lebron James re-sign with Cleveland this offseason.  Stern was quoted as saying “I hope he’ll stay, thats the way the system is designed”.  The system which Stern is referring to is one where small market teams have had much success in the past retaining their superstar players after competing in the playoffs and championships.  See David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, etc.  Lebron James has repeatedly said that he will decide what to do based upon which team gives him the best chance to win multiple NBA Championships.  But which team do you think he will end up with come this summer when free agency begins.  Cleveland? New York? New Jersey?  Do you think it depends on how Cleveland ends up doing this postseason?  And do you think Stern is secretly hoping that Lebron will come to New York or does he really want him staying in Cleveland.


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