Death of the NBA.

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Feb 172010

On last nights show, we talked for a little bit about the NBA today compared to when MJ, Magic and Bird were playing.  It was asked if Allen Iverson started the decline of the NBA today.  Kids today love Lebron, Kobe, and watching them dunk on people and have fun watching them.  But for the person who really wants to watch the real game of basketball being played, the NBA is frustrating to watch.  Truth be told, I don’t watch a lot of NBA anymore until the playoffs get here.   For the most part its a bunch of guys in tattoos just trying to get their points and their money.  Players don’t respect the game like they used too.  A guy we all talked about last night is Lebron James of the Cavs.  Here is a guy who has all the talent in the world and is a great basketball player, but the mentality of one of the 7th grade players I coach.  If he was playing in during the Jordan days, could you imagine if he dunked in a game against the Pistons with Rodman, Mahorn, and Laimbeer and then ran down the court dancing or taking fake pictures.  Next time down the court he would have found himself in the 5th row on his butt looking up at the ceiling wondering what the hell just happened.  Now its not just Lebron, but a lot of players now a days in the NBA.  I believe it started with players like Latrell Spreewell who choked his coach during practice because he was getting yelled at and just snowballed into Allen Iverson and one of the worst things that ever happened to basketball period, the AND 1 tapes.  I think the NBA can be saved, but players have to remember that it is a privilege to play in the NBA and there is a  responsibility to the youth today, sorry Mr. Barkley, but they are watching you.  I think Lebron should do the dunk contest with Kobe and Vince.  I think they should do it for the NBA and for the fans.  Its time to give something back to the sport that has made you rich and famous.  And remember, your never bigger than the game itself.  My hope is that the NBA gets back to old school basketball, pick and roll, give and go, tough hard nose defense.  That is my hope.


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  1. “Your never bigger than the game itself” I think that line itself says a lot. Today the players feel they are larger than life. Due to marketing, commercials, money, and fame they now are elevated higher than the game of basketball. As fans we need to remember this and hopefully it turns over to the players to realize.

  2. Its hard when people aim at the best instead of being theirselves!!! there is no need to rush NBA heroes of today!! cause LeBron, Melo, and Kobe are just fine!!!! Oh YEAH DURANT!!!

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