Apr 182014

Woodson, Kerr and Jackson’s decision

The New York Knicks, and more importantly Phil Jackson, have a big decision to make about their coach.  Does Phil retain Mike Woodson after a disastrous season or does he being in his own guy?  Report came out today that Woody would like to be informed (via his agent mind you) if he is not to be retained before he has his fact-to-face interview with Jackson.  It also leaked out that TNT Analysis Steve Kerr believes he will be offer the position of head coach of the Knicks and he will accept it without questions.  So far, the cart is ahead of the horse on this situation and Phil needs to get in front fast.  I think most fans agree that the Woody Era is soon coming to an end, if not this year the next.  But Phil can’t mess this up, he has to look like the good guy and not make of mess of this situation like Dolan would have al-la Jeff Van Gundy.  This is his first major move and it needs to be done right to get the fans on board.

The Pacers chances in the playoffs

The Indiana Pacers are into the most important time of the year: the playoffs.  And they are playing their worst basketball of the season.  This team on the court and off the court is such a mess right now, it’s hard to believe that 2 months ago this was a team that was primed to take down the defending champion Heat.  The players on this team are clearly unhappy with their roles, the trade for Turner has backfired, and bringing in Bynum was a mistake.  When Roy Hibbert, whose play has been awful down the stretch, called out his teammates as selfish in March you could see the cracks in the armor.  The off court feud of Lance Stephenson and George Hill got into the public.  This team slowly started to right the ship in the last week, but is it too late?

Puig’s defection

With the news of Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig received threats from the human traffickers who helped in his defection from Cuba to Mexico, it shed light on a little talked about subject.  The defection of Puig and the Reds’ Aroldis Chapman out of the communist Cuba just to find freedom and play baseball is wrapped in so much mystery.   There are details like the story of Puig and three other defectors spent several weeks in a guarded apartment. But the trafficking ring that helped him escape from Cuba was headed by an escaped felon wanted by U.S. authorities.  There are people that died to bring these men to the States and it’s just horrible to read.  Then there is the story that when Puig signed his first contract with the Dodgers, he used part of his signing bonus to pay people in Florida who helped him get to the U.S.  At the end of the day, politics and baseball are walking hand in hand and it sheds light on a dangerous situation in Cuba.  When we go to sleep at night and feel like we are oppress by our government, look at what Puig and Chapman came from and think again.

Rangers playoff push

The New York Rangers 2014 playoff push got off to a great start Thursday night in the Garden.  They took Game 1 from the Flyers, a team that bounced them out of the playoff picture via the shootout a few years back.  The thing I took away the most from this win was three things that have eluded this team in the previous playoffs; Power Play scoring, dominant goal tending, and Brad Richards.  The Blue Shirts have been notoriously poor on the power play and last night they netted 3 of them.  The King Henrik Lundqvist showed up to have 14 saves, yielding only one goal and the defense was all over the Flyers.  And lastly, Brad Richards had 1 goal, 2 assists and looked like the big free agent we signed.  These three things are what the Rangers need to make the run we’ve been waiting for.  The time is now for these guys, esp Lundqvist and Richards because they have been close and these are elite players that need to show the world they are elite.

Barry the Villain

I know who the Villain is... He happens to be the most dangerous man in the world. I hoped we'd never hear from him, hoped we'd never have to battle him. But now the worst has happened, and I must tell you what we're up against... Just a New York sports fan from CT with a passion for sports, music and the quiet life. But some have called me evil, villain, dangerous because I speak with no filter and tell the truth. If that makes me a villain, than so be it!! The most feared man in Sport City. No mercy on all evil doers who cheer for lousy sports teams!

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