Feb 162010

With the NBA trade deadline coming up on Thursday, one of the many names being talked about is Ray Allen being traded.  His contract is expiring at the end of the season and some teams are trying to open up cap space next year would be interested in Allen and his contract.  However, does it really make any sense for the Celtics to trade Ray?  I believe that the Celtics are one of the contenders for a title this year.  Yeah they haven’t been playing as good as they would like, but lets remember the injury bug has been hard on my beloved Celts.  Garnett has missed games due to his knee, Pierce has missed a few games here and there with some injuries and Ray Allen missed a few games due to a stiff back.  Marquis Daniels missed quite a bit of the season with a thumb injury and Big Baby hurt his hand fighting with a friend.  Unless the Celtics get a young solid shooter like Iguodala from the 76ers or Monte Ellis from the Warriors, trading Ray Allen doesn’t really make any sense.  So please Danny, don’t pull the trigger on a Kirk Hinrich or Antawn  Jamison, I know Kirk is younger but Ray is still better and Antawn isn’t a young player anymore and isn’t an upgrade.


  2 Responses to “Should the Celtics trade Ray Allen?”

  1. I agree keep Ray Allen for another year! I dont see the Celtics upgrading by giving away an expiring contract.

  2. Ray Allen is finished!!!

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