Blame it on the game

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Feb 112011

According to New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni the fans at MSG chanting the words Melo, Melo, Melo (in reference to bringing Carmelo Anthony to NY) have distracted the Knicks and made it tough for them to play.  Message to coach D’Antoni: The crowds chanting Melo is not the problem with the Knicks.  How about the fact that in their last 10 games the knicks have given up 100+ points in 9 of them.  The problem, coach D’Antoni, is that your team can’t stop anyone.  After being torched by Randy Foye just a few days ago they now have to face the Lakers and Kobe Bryant who just happens to play quite well at MSG.  Its time for D’Antoni to stop making excuses to cover the fact that he doesnt stress defense enough, and thinks his team can just outscore anybody.  These are professional atheletes getting paid millions of dollars, they can block out the crowd and get the job done.  D’Antoni needs to start having his team prepared and not settling for guys standing around playing no help defense and not hustling for loose balls.  So coach, please stop making excuses for your players.  The reason they are chanting Melo is because the team out there on the court right now isnt getting the job done.  Period.


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  1. They should chant “Mose- Mose- Mose” !

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