Best Dunk Ever

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Feb 122010

With NBA all-star weekend upon us and all the festivities that go with it, its time for my favorite sport competition of all time.  And that my friends is the dunk contest.  While the dunk contest has gone from ultra competitive with the top guys in the sport competing, to todays version with relative unknowns who rely more on props to win, instead of flat out jumping ability and creativity like Jordan and Dominique.   It is still a fun contest to watch and I will most certainly be watching it.  My question to all of you is, what is your favorite dunk of all time??? and if you can find a clip of it on youtube please copy and paste the link so we can all see.  here is my favorite of all time.  Vince Carter going up and over a 7 footer during a Team USA game


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  1. worst dunk contest ive seen in my entire life…period. there was not 1 thing exciting about it

  2. I agree, this was the worst contest EVER. Only two good dunk the whole night. I have never seen a dunk contest won on such a lame dunk. The NBA should be ashamed!

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