The Blame Game

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Mar 042010

The Milton Bradley blame game is back on. This game is coming from the player not the board game maker.  Milton’s latest remarks said, ” Two years ago, I played, and I was good. I go to Chicago, not good. I’ve been good my whole career. So obviously, it was something in Chicago, not me.” Milton needs to build a bridge and get over this issue fast. He batted .257 with 12 home runs and 40 RBIs after signing a 3 year 30 million dollar deal. This is the same thing he was saying when he ended up in Chicago after his season in Texas. Since 2000 Milton has played for 7 teams making Seattle his eighth. He wore out his welcome in Chicago, Texas, Cleveland, Montreal, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego. Yet he still is pointing the figure at every franchise he leaves. So who do you think is to blame in this Bradley game? Is he a player that is unfairly treated or is it just due? Post your thoughts…


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  1. this dude has some issues…he could play for every MLB team and blame each one of them for his failures. instead of saying I just had an off year but im feeling good this year he goes out and blames the team for his shortcomings. anyone else feel the same way?

  2. He is a joke and I am sure the M’s will ship his sorry ass off pretty soon!

  3. When the Cubs first signed Bradley I wasn’t that upset, but didn’t like the money he got. But I can tell you as a Cubs fan that watched a lot of games on tv and at beautiful Wrigley Field, I accept NO blame in Bradleys shitty year. I don’t feel my cheering or booing had anything to do with his strike outs or errors or him throwing the ball into the bleachers with only 2 outs in the inning. I don’t think I or the city of Chicago had anything to do with that Milt. Grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your shitty play. Oh yeah, lets not forget, every umpire in baseball hate him too and always tries to screw him over. Hey Milton, I got an idea, go play Monopoly and fist yourself.

  4. “Go play Monopoly and fist yourself” – Cowboy Chris … Classic LMAO!

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