SanFran Fiasco

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Feb 092010

The two- time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants appear headed towards an arbitration hearing. The 25 year old stud pitcher has ask for 13 million dollars a year for his pitching duties. The Giants have made a counter offer of 8 million. This is the first time he has been arbitration eligible. He is seeking the richest contract ever rewarded from an arbitration hearing. He earned $650,000 last year from the Giants. The average starting pitching earns 5 times that per season.  Over the past 2 seasons he has posted a 33-12 record with over 500 strikeouts and 2 Cy Young awards for a team that finished just outside the wild card race. What steps do you think the Giants should do to make sure their Ace is happy and stays put for the future?


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  1. Lincecum should get paid. This kid is a stud and has proven it already. Pay him SF or you will lose out in free agency to the Yankees or Red Sox.

  2. The only step they need to do is pay the man…they got a bargain only having to pay him 650K last year…Im a yankee fan, I wouldnt mind seeing him in a NY uniform…but San Francisco has got to be out of their minds if they dont want to pay him what he wants to keep him there

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