Moment of Clarity

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Mar 212011

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is now awaiting one of the most important situations in his life, which is the trial of him lying about the use of Steroids during his baseball career.  The MLB’s all time Home Run Leader is now going through the pre-jury situation which is basically showing him will he sit or walk like he normally did in the later part of his career in baseball.  Will he be respected if the charges are dropped or will he be a forgotten hero in baseball’s golden Home Run era.  Notable names like Raphael Palmeiro, Jose Canseco, and Sammy Sosa were all amongst a few of the MLB’s top athletes in the game at Captiol Hill and basically were stating their case of why they weren’t guilty of Steroid use in their careers.  The scenario got crazier when some of the same athletes were stating their cases were actually later found of Drug use that had the whole baseball standpoint in a frenzy.  Due to the fact that Jose Canseco made a book calling out multiple athletes actually stood true the big names also followed this story as well.  Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds were also some of the names that were apart of this pile up along with, Roger Clemens and Gary Sheffield which all had to make statements of where they knowingly used Steroids or not.  Now Barry Bonds used the same statement that Gary Sheffield used of a cream that they unknowingly knew that steroids were in the cream that they applied to their bodies.  The situation was taken further after Barry Bonds had to go into court and make a statement on now which they are trying him again to find him guilty and possibly give him time.  Being a God son of Willie Mays, being a father of children he can now possibly face time in prison which is a serious problem toward the family, friends and fans but more importantly of a statement of what you do in the dark will soon come to light.  Now Barry Bonds the stage is yours out in the courtroom which way will the Jury go?


Ty Powell aka TP Tymeless is currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. Tymeless is another die hard fan but of the Lions, Thunder, Twins, Hoyas, and The U. Ty grew up in Stamford and went to college in Rhode Island. He is a founding member of the Sport City Chefs network and can be heard on 8 regular shows. OWWWWWW!

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  1. Ya know, this is nothing new. Steroid use is prevalent in almost all pro sports… and for a million dollar + paycheck, why would you not be all you can be?

    I’ve played college football and competed in Powerlifting post college… The dangers of steroid use are overblown (yes there are dangers for idiots who abuse, but this is true for any drug… just watch the documentary BiggerFasterStronger … ( ) …

    So he lied, are he, sosa, mcguire, etc the only ones guilty of using? I highly doubt it.. and more importantly, was it a band substance until recently???

    We have bigger fish to fry in this country, let the man be already.

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