Apr 282013

Miguel Cabrera is having perhaps the quietest first-ballot Hall of Fame career in history. At 30, and coming off winning the American League MVP and Triple Crown, Cabrera just doesn’t seem to get the love that he truly deserves. Maybe it has to do with his not so good grasp of the English Language. But the fact that you don’t see Cabrera in alot of MLB’s commercials and has yet to be voted a starter in the All Star Game by the fans is very disturbing to me. He has won back to back batting titles yet average fans still don’t really give Cabrera the notoriety that a guy like Albert Pujols got in his prime. Cabrera doesn’t even get the most notoriety on his own team for that matter with Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder getting more attention.

Cabrera is showing that he hasn’t yet sniffed the ceiling of what he can do while hitting in front of Prince Fielder, and Fielder’s mammoth contract — in years and dollar amount — all but ensures years of productivity to come for Cabrera. He’s well over half of the way to 3,000 hits and just surpassed the midway point to 600 home runs, two of the most prestigious accomplishments in baseball. Exactly two players in the history of the game are in both clubs — a couple guys you may have heard of — Willie Mays and Hank Aaron. Alex Rodriguez will also join that elusive list, but his name will forever be connected to the steroid scandals of baseball, a black mark in baseball that Cabrera has completely avoided association with. Cabrera should collect his 3,000th hit in his mid-30s. 600 home runs isn’t a given, but with the DH role, he’s definitely got a shot. The DH is the reason Jim Thome made it and Cabrera is well ahead of Thome’s homer pace.

Cabrera also seems to have a budding leadership quality that has served the Tigers well — a team in dire need of a leader in their everyday lineup. You have to believe that if the underperforming players on the Tigers’ roster are going to follow the example of anyone, it would be the most feared hitter in baseball. Despite his accomplishments thus far, Cabrera receives nowhere near the recognition of guys like Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, teammate Justin Verlander, Josh Hamilton or even National’s rookie Bryce Harper. However, I’d guess that the unassuming Cabrera wouldn’t thrive like he does if he was in the limelight. We were told Cabrera wouldn’t bounce back from his off the field issues, told his body would break down in his late 20s, led to believe that he wouldn’t even be a below average third baseman — however, he’s continually proved critics wrong.

Cabrera is the definition of an unappreciated star and is a perfect fit for the city he plays in — underrated, overlooked and only getting better.
Wake up Baseball fans, Jose Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball right now and it’s not even close.

“The Freak”
Tim Klonica

Tim Klonica

Tim Klonica a.k.a. The Freak was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Tim is a fantasy sports expert and Die-hard Detroit sports fan. He is a fan of the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, and Pistons. The Michigan Wolverines are the collegiate team he follows. You can find Tim on Twitter @TheFreak313 voicing his uncensored sports opinion. "Go hard or go home, go home if your soft, If your scared, say your scared, But you lost from the start, And I ain’t never met a winner Who ain’t never had heart Full throttle, red line, watch me rip it apart"

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