Jun 222010

The Mick

Last night on the Wingman Show we discussed a topic in honor of Father’s Day; granted a day after the holiday, but still….
The question was asked, what great athlete did you not get a chance to watch, but heard from your father (or anyone else of that generation) on how great a certain player was. For me, my father used to always talk about Mickey Mantle the most. And still says to this day that he was one of the greatest baseball players ever, and he wishes we would of had a chance to watch how great he was. He also says similarly about Jim Brown and Mohammad Ali.
Anytime someone debates who the greatest NFL runningbacks are, he says without question its Jim Brown.
Then another question arose; what player from our time will we be telling out kids, “I wish you could have seen this guy, he was the greatest ever”? Is it going to be Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Bo Jackson or Wayne Gretzky. Or maybe like myself, if you don’t have kids yet, maybe its a player who’s just starting out like Stephen Strasburg.
There is no clear answer and everybody may have different thought opinions, which makes it an intriguing topic.
If and when I ever have kids, I believe the athlete I will be telling them stories about will be Michael Jordan. I always love to witness “the greatest” and history, and I believe I did that while growing up and watching Michael Jordan.

Scott Gentile

Co-Host of the Wingman Sports Radio Talk Show, broadcast on www.sportcitychefs.com. Anchor at WGCH - 1490AM in CT / WFAN - 660AM (NYC) / MLB Netowrk

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  1. So many Great Athletes!!! Damn Sport City we lovin it!!

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