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Jun 022010

The Atlanta Braves are HOT! Today they completed a sweep of the division favored Philadelphia Phillies. The Braves came into the season as an after thought to win the NL East. They are now the hottest team in baseball with a 8 game winning steak. They came into their series with Philly down a half a game and send the Phillies packing down 2.5 games. The Braves were a regular on top of the NL East from 1995 to 2005. They are looking ready for another playoff push this season lead by rookie star Jason Heyward. What do you think about the NL East? Do you think the Phillies are still the favorite to win the division? What do you think the reason the Braves have the ATL set on fire?? Post your thoughts


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  1. I think the NL East sucks LOL. but seriously I think the Phillies will be ok once they get all of their guys back, they have a few injured pitchers and jimmy rollins if he ever gets healthy again. The Braves have gotten a spark from Jason Heyward and the resurgence of Troy Glaus, and if Brian Mcann can heat up a little bit they will be even more dangerous. Another reason for their success is the return of Tim Hudson, he looks like hes back to his form before he had Tommy John Surgery, and Derek Lowe hasnt been that bad either. It could be one of the tighter division races in all of baseball when all is said and done as the Nationals arent half bad and Strasburg is a week away from his major league debut

  2. The Braves are HOT as ever.. we talked about those walk off games and well they have been playing great baseball since. Something goes into pulling out close games and the ATL boys are playing awesome. Hats tipped!

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