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Suzanne 'Sooz' Shea

Suzanne’s early teen years found her playing Folk music at the Heritage Coffeehouse in San Diego where she got her first booking at age 17 (Tom Waits was the doorman/ folk singer she would talk to about her love of music!). The next 22 years she was singing 5-6 nights a week in restaurants, clubs, and hotel lounges. Life went along… ups downs… some hard losses and some major wins. She took on secure day jobs, married, and started a family in her late 30’s,, Music kept going part-time because that was the thread she held onto dearly.


Taking care of other’s feelings since she was a youngster was part of “who she was”, her ‘job”, she thought. She’d put on a happy face, but by age 51 inside she was crumbling. Her health was heading for a crash, a crash she felt she couldn’t stop. One morning, January 15, 2001, Suzanne stopped the crash when she met someone who got her on her road to her center and true self.

Now at age 62, Suzanne has been truly enjoying her “Second Chapter” as she calls it, She is healthy and strong. She feels she was given the big picture that day in 2001. She is enjoying grabbing the rings in life. She is honored to be a mom to two incredible sons, honored to have the love of family and friends who are treasures to her. Her lifelong touchstone, music, is still there, true as ever. Some new doors have presented themselves as well, now and Sooz has stepped through them into Acting, Modeling, and even a sprinkling of Stand Up comedy. Maybe one day her own Variety Show that features the positive in life? Why not? Life is this second, and this second is very good.

Thrive in your life Interview with Suzanne Sooz Shea

Glean some great tips on how to thrive not just live. Don’t put yourselves on hold. Don’t shelve yourself. Thrive!

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Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher has been in the field of sports for over 30 years. Native to Canada, She competed and trained over 80 thousand hours of Gymnastics and placed 4th in the Western Canadian Championships. Carolyn is a dynamic coach and radio host with Arming Champions Radio. Carolyn is featured in the Women’s sports book “you go girl!” and been in numerous televisions shows and movies including Sylvester Stallone’s “Over the Top” movie , in which a trucker (Stallone ) seeks recognition from his son and the arm wrestling community through winning the World Championships. She has traveled to Japan, Canada and United States claiming 5 World Titles in Arm Wrestling and hundreds of National and International Titles. She is currently the only woman to hold both East and West Coast National Titles in the same year. Besides teaching high school and Junior High P E and a private school she finds time to travel and give talks sharing her insights from her life with her husband of 28 years, Allen who also holds over 25 World Titles in Arm Wrestling.

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  1. Suzanne was one of the best interviews i have ever done! She was a wonderful guest and had lots of great things to share with our listeners. 5 maxims I gleaned from her wisdom are: 1. take care of your soul vehicle 2. find your best self and stay in your best self. 3. Really ask yourself “what do you want to do?” 4. Rise above the challenges. 5. Love people and give them your best first assumption. WONDERFUL words to live by. Thank you , Suzanne for sharing!

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