Apr 072010

I am sure you have heard about him on YouTube, ESPN, or Facebook. By now the country is writing articles every day about Jaylin Fleming. He is being labeled the next young basketball wizard. He is a 10 year old, 5th grader in Chicago. The kid can no doubt ball. He can dribble, drive , and pop a jumper. The issue I am bringing him up is for another reason. Yes we all know LeBron was the chosen one before he finished high school. We have watched many superstars like Kobe and KG make the leap into fame at a young age. But really? We are now tracking a 10 year old sensation. The high schools are keeping an eye open for young talent of course. Jaylin hasn’t even made it to middle school yet. Is 10 years old a little too young to start the hype machine? Check out the video right here at Jaylin Fleming ! Let me know what you think about our media machine starting early on this young sensation. Post your thoughts……. Is it fair to Jaylin and his family?


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