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Aug 312011

Im not sure about anyone else, but this is my favorite time of year.  Football season.  And with that comes all the fantasy drafts you can handle… having so many fantasy teams that you dont even remember who you have on your team anymore.  Ill only be doing 3 leagues this year, 2 head to head and 1 rotisserie scoring, but im on the fence with what kind of drafting strategy I want to go with.  In the past I normally went with the “best availabe” strategy and just ran straight down the cheat sheet I printed off ESPN.  However this year I really am convinced that getting a RB1 and WR1 is really important.  For me I really believe that the dropoff between the “top 5″ running backs and the rest of the field is a dramatic drop.  On the other hand, I believe that you can find some really great QB’s (fantasy-wise) in the later rounds.  In terms of total fantasy points, I think the upside on guys such as Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, maybe even Matthew Stafford could propel them into top 6 or 7 fantasy wise QB’s.  So I really think waiting until later rounds to draft a QB could be the way to go this year.  At least thats how I plan on going about it, but once you get into the draft things can change and my strategy goes right out the door.  Whats your draft day strategy? I’d love to hear some feedback on different ways to go about drafting


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  1. Seth,

    In the past drafting a RB1 in the first round was a must. This may not be the case anymore. With players like Mike Vick and Aaron Rogers at the QB position. Also WR1 like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, and Roddy hite are sure to fetch you a nice total every week. My point you ask? Drafting RB in round one is a very hit or miss if your name is not Adrian Peterson. The fact remains that every year about 65% of the RB who finished in the top ten one year will not be there the next year.I think a solid strategy to use while drafting is to try to grab at least 1 WR, 1 TE, and 1 RB in the first 4 rounds. If a QB presents himself to you, with great value then take him. Example Aaron Rogers in the 2nd.

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