Season Preview: St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams Players lost RB Cadillac Williams WR Brandon Lloyd WR Mark Clayton G Jacob Bell G Adam Goldberg C Jason Brown DE James Hall DT Justin Bannan DT Fred Robbins DT Gary Gibson OLB Chris Chamberlain OLB Brady Poppinga CB Ronald Bartell CB Justin King K Josh Brown P Donnie Jones. Who will

Will Allen NFL Interview on Sport City Chefs Talk Radio

Will Allen NFL Interview on Sport City Chefs Talk Radio

  Will D. Allen (born August 5, 1978) is an Free Agent cornerback.  Drafted by the New York Giants in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft where he played for his first five seasons from 2001-2005. After the 2005 season, the Giants opted to sign free agent Sam Madison rather than re-sign Allen to

Matthew Stafford - The Lion King

Matthew Stafford – The Lion King

Hello Lions fans, After last season it looks as if the the Lions have found their franchise quarterback in Matthew Stafford. Well I’m here to tell you why he is the best quarterback in Lions history. Stafford’s season last year was nothing short of spectacular. Fifth most passing yards in history, four comeback wins, and

Panthers Pre-Season Pressure Cooker

Panthers Pre-Season Pressure Cooker

Carolina Panthers Center Ryan Kalil placed a statement several days ago about their organization being the Super Bowl winner of this upcoming 2012-2013 season.  Unfortunately, he is not the only player on the team that believes in this standpoint.  Of course you will have other players support and back their teammate on such a serious

A Villiain's State of Mind - Jeremy Lin v. NY Knicks

A Villiain’s State of Mind – Jeremy Lin v. NY Knicks

*Written before new broke on Knicks choice not to match Offer sheet for Lin* Jeremy Lin was the biggest story in NY since the Bronx Zoo, Son of Sam, the Blackout, etc. He saved the 2011-12 Knicks season.  At a point when Mike D’Antoni was one loss away from being fired, Carmelo couldn’t stay healthy

NBA U-Haul At its best!

Ever since 2008 the NBA has been on watch on how to develop quality playoff or championship type teams.  Boston Celtics were the example at that given time, and then LeBron went to Miami next… A few years later in this current year of 2012 every team is trying to load up and get to

My MLB mid-season awards

The first half has come to an end and I am gonna hand out my first half awards. A.L. manager of the year- Buck Showalter- he has the Orioles playing way beyond their talent level. I don’t see them making the playoffs so he probably won’t win it at the end of the year. N.L.

3 round fantasy football mock draft

Round 1 Jake- Ray Rice Tyrone- Frank Gore Mike- Arian Foster Brian- Lesean McCoy Jason- Aaron Rodgers Frank- Calvin Johnson Brandon- Maurice Jones-Drew Tim- Ryan Matthews James- Larry Fitzgerald Nick- Matt Forte Round 2 Jake- Roddy White Tyrone- Cam Newton Mike- Darren Sproles Brian- Darren McFadden Jason- Wes Welker Frank- Trent Richardson Brandon- Jimmy Graham

Mr. New York

Remember this time last year when the baseball world was in an uproar about how Derek Jeter was to old and was losing a step. He’s hitting .416 and is leading major league baseball in hits. He currently sits 18th on the all-time hit list and could be sitting at 14 by the all-star break.

My Baseball Predictions This Year

These are my predictions for the 2012 season. If you have any yourself our want to discuss any of them feel free to comment. A.L. MVP- Miguel Cabrera N.L. MVP- Justin Upton A.L. Cy Young- Justin Verlander N.L. Cy Young- Clayton Kershaw A.L ROY- Matt Moore N.L. ROY-Bryce Harper A.L. Manager of the Year- Joe

Hello Everyone

Hello to everyone here, I am happy to be here blogging about the NHL along with my partner Charlie Pavarini and look forward to seeing your feedback on our articles. I have been writing at various sites over the last few years and really enjoy doing this related to hockey. You can also catch me

Injury Replacements

Hello Sports City, I’m giving you an earlier than normal blog today so you can get to you waiver wire and get your injury replacements. The update on Derrick Rose is that the Bulls said they will take their time with him. With that being said he is a competitor and may try to play


What’s going on Sports City, before I get into the top performers from last night I want to update you on some of the big injuries that happen. Carmelo Anthony left the game with a groin injury that is reportedly going to sideline him for about 2 weeks. Danilo Gallinari has a bone chip in

Fantasy Freak Waiver Wire

Hello Sports City, let’s start this blog of with my condolences to Amare Stoudemire and his family for the loss of his brother last night. With that being said Amare will miss tonights game as he has flown back to Florida to be with his family. Also in the breaking news department Kevin Love has

Fantasy Freak

Hello Sports City, thank you for having me. I’m excited to be part of the family. This is my first blog so take it easy on me. What I’m looking to do is provide daily baseball, basketball and football fantasy tips, like hot waiver wire pick ups, buy lows, sell highs and great performances from

Broth’s First 2012 Mock Draft

Please note before reading: I wrote this draft before the first round of the playoffs so, obviously, Denver won’t be selecting at that spot so all the picks down the line are also affected. Also Ryan Tannehill’s and Nick Toon’s injury will undoubtedly hurt their draft stocks but this was written before that but that

Kevin Durant - Most Valuable Player

Kevin Durant – Most Valuable Player

After draining the dramatic game-winning 3-pointer from several feet beyond the arc against the defending world champion Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Durant was just as he always is; calm and in control. The two-time defending scoring champion doesn’t just score, he scores in the clutchest of moments. That’s right, I said clutchest. We all have known

Season Obituary 2011-2012 Indianapolis Colts

Season Obituary 2011-2012 Indianapolis Colts

Here lies the season of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have been,perennially, a playoff team since Peyton Manning came into his third season with the team. Now this year’s Colts team has secured the worst season record in the team’s history and nearly joined the 2008 Detroit Lions and the expansion Bucs as the third team to go winless in a full season.

Dear Steavie,

Dear Steavie,

Okay, I’ll admit right off the bat, the touchdown celebration was funny. But there is a time to be funny, and a time to do the right thing for your team. You obviously worked hard to prepare for your matchup with Darelle Revis, and for all intensive purposes, you were getting the better of him.

Harbaugh The League Over

Harbaugh The League Over

This is a story about two Harbaughs, their journeys through the football world, and the quest to bring toughness back in a league with rising puffcake-penalties and fines.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the success speaks for itself. The Harbaughs were both born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.

Season Obituary: Miami Dolphins

Season Obituary: Miami Dolphins

Here lies the season of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were a promising team back in 2008 when the “wildcat” offense was new and the phins were in the playoffs. But, since then they have fallen back into the den of inequity from whence they came and this year seems to be the franchises worst

What's Going On?

What’s Going On?

Since when was an average quarterback who hasn’t taken a snap in over nine months worth not one, but two first round draft picks? I know this is the Raiders, but I think this might have been considered to be a little crazy even by the late Al Davis’ standards. Palmer better be more productive than

Week 6 NFL Predictions with "Breaking News Hughes".

Week 6 NFL Predictions with “Breaking News Hughes”.

    Well NFL fans, were in week 6 of the NFL season and teams are starting to show their true colors. Over the first 5 weeks of the season I have went 57-20 in correctly picking winners. Also I am 5-0 in picking my “Under Dog Pick of the Week”. Pretty solid if I

Detroit Lions Linebacker Ashlee Palmer stops by The Round Table Show!

Detroit Lions Linebacker Ashlee Palmer stops by The Round Table Show!

    Today in preparation for the week 6 marque match up, of San Francisco (4-1) @ Detroit (5-0) we have Ashlee Palmer stopping by. At the beginning of the season not many people would have predicted that these two teams would be where there are right now through 5 weeks of play. Combined they are 9-1, a very

Week 4 NFL predictions with “Break News Hughes”!!

Welcome NFL sports fans, and gamblers alike. Week four of the NFL season is here, and if you haven’t been paying attention, this years NFL action has been anything but predictable. We have seen the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots, the Tennessee Titans beat the Baltimore Ravens, and two teams in the Bills and Lions

Detroit Lions Gritting Their Teeth

Detroit Lions Gritting Their Teeth

Young Talents Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are the tandem that has the Detroit Lions off to a sharp start to their NFL season.  With all of the past seasons that were beyond questionable the team from Detroit, Michigan has the Big Cats relevant and the  NFL has on their radars as a team to

Top five NFC, and AFC power rankings after week 4.

Top five NFC, and AFC power rankings after week 4.

  Welcome NFL sports fan! Were three weeks into the season, and already the top teams are starting to separate themselves from the others teams in their conference. Today I’m rolling out my week 4 power rankings, based on what we have seen thru the first three weeks of the season.Small disclaimer here. I am not a fan of

NFL Week 2 Predicitions

I figured for my first blog post I’d give my pics for Week 2 early games (will do the late games later today or tomorrow). I’m no expert, just love the game… so here’s my opinion: Oakland @ Buffalo I like the Bills in this game for a couple reasons, 1 early game on the

Blount Smoking - Quest for an NFL rushing title

Blount Smoking – Quest for an NFL rushing title

So this is the guy who fails his Oregon teammates by knocking out a kid from Boise St. during a heated exchange after a game in Boise. This was while they were both still suited up and on the field no less. THEN, after being lucky enough to be drafted, he gets in to a

Draft Strategies

Draft Strategies

Im not sure about anyone else, but this is my favorite time of year.  Football season.  And with that comes all the fantasy drafts you can handle… having so many fantasy teams that you dont even remember who you have on your team anymore.  Ill only be doing 3 leagues this year, 2 head to

The best  Fantasy Football TE for 2011 is...

The best Fantasy Football TE for 2011 is…

   Well it’s that time of year Fantasy Football is here! We have seen more and more people participating in Fantasy Football each of the last ten years. Fantasy Football is here to stay. This is the second installment of my Fantasy Football rankings for Sport City Chefs! After tackling the QB’s, I feel blitzing

Possible busts in fantasy football this season

Possible busts in fantasy football this season

First of all, let’s all make sure that we understand what qualifies as a bust. If someone were to say that Ricky Williams is not likely to be a big factor in fantasy thisseason, they wouldn’t really be calling a bust, more just spouting out common knowledge. The player has to be relevant and have

Rookies With An Immediate Opportunity To Contribute

Rookies With An Immediate Opportunity To Contribute

On a scale of 1 – 5, I project both the actual impact to their real teams these players will have this year, and their fantasy football impact for 2011. Julio Jones, WR Falcons – Roddy White has needed a legitimate complimentary wide-out with the talent of Julio Jones for a while now. Julio has

Handcuffing Running Backs

Handcuffing Running Backs

In the fantasy football world, there is something known as handcuffing running backs. It is basically capitalizing on a weak run defense with more than one of the key backfield ball handlers for the opposition. At the same time, you would be limiting this player’s likely performance ‘ceiling’ for the day because you already know the carries

Field Generals: NFL Quarterback Update

Field Generals: NFL Quarterback Update

Getting even better this season will be Tampa Bay Quarterback Josh Freeman. The emergence of Blount in the backfield will continue to draw defenses in and open things up for Freeman to operate. He is a big quarterback who plays to win, regardless of stats. Part of that statement would make a fantasy player hesitate to pull

Wide - Outs

Wide – Outs

When I ‘m thinking of wide receivers in the NFL, I’m thinking of guys that epitomize the term ‘wide-outs’ in every literal sense. In other words, many of them are known as being high-maintenance divas whose demands many times seem far apart from their teams, and former teams subsequently. Some are often estranged, and some are